What Is The Timeline of the Short-Term Tendering Round 1?

Modified on: Fri, 19 Jan, 2024 at 10:42 AM


The first tendering round of AggregateEU will allow for demand and bids to be placed for the months of June 2023 until and including May 2024.

The tendering round adheres to the following timetable.

TimelineDay 1Day 5Day 6Day 8Day 9Day 10
Day 13Day 14Day 15
DateTuesday, 25. April 2023
Tuesday, 2. May 2023
Wednesday, 3. May 2023
Monday, 8. May 2023
Tuesday, 9. May 2023
Wednesday, 10. May 2023
Monday, 15. May 2023
Tuesday, 16. May 2023
Wednesday, 17. May 2023
Process step /EventEntering demand
Processing of demand
Publication of info sheets
Tender publication and offer submission
MatchingPublication of matching results
09:00h CEST
18:00h CEST

09:00h CESTStart:
09:00h CEST
18:00h CEST

12:00h CEST

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