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  • Shipper Admin Power of Attorney template

    Attached the suggested template of PoA (Power of Attorney) for shipper admin (User Administrator) role. In order to process the PoA Form, you need to attac...

  • Account Settings - How to add a second email for booking

    Overview Once a booking was done through the platform, the person who concluded the booking will receive notification regarding his/her booking. If the...

  • REMIT Reporting Order Form

    In order to subscribe to our REMIT Reporting service, please review the REMIT Reporting GTCs. Then fill the attached order form and submitted it to our Cust...

  • Long-Term Auctions - How to participate?

    Overview One type of transport offers available on PRISMA are long-term auctions. This category comprises monthly, quarterly and yearly products of all kin...

  • 1. Reporting Models

    1. Reporting Models In accordance with the provisions of the Agreement and the provisions of this Schedule 4 PRISMA will compile the Relevant Trade Data an...


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