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  • List of Agents-on-Behalf and Central Buyers

    Overview If you're unwilling to request the minimum amount of 300 GWh in LNG Tenders (location/month) or the minimum demand of 5 GWh in NBP Tenders ...

  • How much does PRISMA cost for shippers?

    Booking and trading of capacity are free of charge for shippers who wish to conduct transactions in the primary and secondary markets. However, PRISMA does ...

  • Charge Conversion

    Platform performs a charge conversion for the following units and values. The following table provides the overview of the supported charge conversion. The ...

  • How to Add Favorite Network Points?

    Overview On PRISMA, you can select any number of favourite network points to make it easy to find auctions, trade offers and FCFS options. These network...

  • How to Delete a Custom Permission Group?

    Overview As an administrator, you can create a custom permission group for your company. If you no longer need that group, however, you can easily delet...


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