How to Add the Shipper Role to your Company?

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If you wish to join the PRISMA Platform and/or AggregateEU, you must go through the registration process on PRISMA: PRISMA Registration. After you register, you will then need to choose your company role depending on your commercial aims. 

One of these is the shipper role, which allows you to (1) buy transport capacity, (2) buy storage capacity, (3) buy LNG capacity, (4) trade in the secondary market and/or (5) participate in AggregateEU, provided you request the assignments to operators and submit the proper documentation.


To apply for the shipper role, do as follows:

1. Log into your account;

2. Click on the gear icon on the top right corner of the page;

3. Then, click on "Company Information" on the drop-down menu;

4. Now, click on "Apply for Shipper Role" in the "Your Organisation Role on PRISMA" tile;

Step 1 - Address Details

5. Then, confirm your postal and billing addresses are the same as your registered address. If you tick "no," you will be prompted to enter the correct address;

6. Click on "Next" to proceed to the next step;

Step 2 - Contact Details

7. Now, enter the mandatory contact details:

(a) Dispatching Central;

(b) Dispatching Contact;

(c) Billing Contact;

(d) Operations Contact; 

(f) IT Communications;

8. Afterwards, click on "Next" to proceed to the next step;

Step 3 - Additional Information

9. In the third step, please provide the follow information: (a) IBAN, (b) the DVGW code, if applicable, (c) the EIC, (d) the registered company name and (e) the VAT;

10. Then, click on "Next" to continue to the fourth and final step;

Step 4 - Terms and Conditions

11. Finally, read and accept all terms and conditions by ticking the boxes.

12. And click on "Submit Registration" to complete the process.

Once you complete this process, you will become a shipper on PRISMA. Now, if you wish to trade with operators you must request assignments. You can find out how to do so here: How to Request Assignments?

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