How to place a bid using Balancing group and/or Portfolio code

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In this article, you can find the step-by-step instructions of placing a bid using Balancing groups and Portfolio codes via Shipper API. Example workflow below from Swagger application in Test (KON) system can be used for testing. 


The previous steps until the placing bid can be found in this article

1. Once you have an Auction which you are going to place a bid, use the GET /balancing group endpoint to retrieve the list of them for a specific auction and direction: 

When the auction is open and there is balancing group, you receive the relevant Balancing group information as a response: 

NOTE: The Balancing group and Portfolio code IDs are different for different direction (ENTRY/EXIT) in the same auction. Thus, for bundled auctions, you have to ID for both sides. You need to use the same auction ID, but one for direction ENTRY and another one request with EXIT. 

2. When you collected all relevant information (auction ID etc.), the bid can be placed: 


You can remove the fields, which are not needed for your bid. For example, if the entry and exit TSOs require only  portfolio code and balancing group, respectively, the Json tree should be as below:


When the Balancing group/Portfolio code is missing or wrong, the following error message appears: 

In this article, you can find instructions to see the exact reason behind the error.

And when you open the browser source page (F12 button) and go to the Network section, you can see the information about missing or wrong Balancing Group: 

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