How to View the Credit Limit Details of a Contract?

Modified on: Thu, 29 Sep, 2022 at 9:23 AM



If you have an activated contract in place with an operator subscribing to Contract Management and you have approved financial securities for this contract, which you have assigned to your credit limits, you can have an overview of your credit limits directly from the contract details.


To view the credit limit details of a contract, do as follows:

1. Log into the platform.

2. Click on "Operators".

3. Then enter the "Details" of the operator:

3. Scroll down to the "Contracts" table:

4. Finally, click on the "Details" and scroll down:

5. Here you will see an overview of the status of your credit limits:

Should you wish to create a financial security for this contract, refer to the article How to Submit a Financial Security?

If you wish to associate or edit the association of your financial security to your credit limits, do as instructed in How to associate amounts from your financial security with credit limits? 

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