How to Create a Surrender Request?

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A surrender process happens when a shipper "gives back" a certain amount of capacity to the TSO, so the latter can try to remarket such capacity in the primary market. Only firm unbundled primary or secondary capacity bookings can be surrendered. Once that happens, the product can be remarketed as yearly, quarterly, monthly, daily, but not within-day.

Note: by FIRM, all categories of capacity quality firm are included (Firm, FZK, BZK, DZK etc.).


To start a surrender request, do as follows:

1. Log into your account;

2. Go to "Reporting";

3. Click on "My Transactions";

4. Select the three dots next to the booking you would like to surrender and click on "Create surrender request".

The "Create surrender request" page opens.

5. In the Transaction tile in the dialog, the properties of the transaction are displayed and the data of the selected deal or trade is contained. 

The Surrender request tile includes the following fields:

6. Deal ID, which is pre-filled with the Deal or Trade ID of the transaction and cannot be edited;

7. Product, a dropdown list showing the available type of products: yearly, quarterly, monthly, daily.

Note: only the entries having a runtime lower than or equal to the runtime of the transaction are shown. 
For example, if the transaction is a yearly auction, all entries are shown; if the transaction is a monthly auction, only monthly and daily entries are displayed. 

8. Runtime, which is a dropdown mandatory field showing runtimes that are available for the selected type of product and for which auctions are published within the next 30 calendar days. 

Note: the count of the calendar days starts on the next calendar day at midnight and ends on the 31st day at midnight (last day is fully considered). For example: if you start a surrender request today (24.11.2020) at 07:30, the next 30 days are defined as running from 25.11.2020, 00:00h to 25.12.2020 00:00h.

If there is no auction of the selected type published within the next 30 days, the following error is shown: "Within the next 30 days there is no auction published for the product type you selected. Please select another product type."

9. Amount, a mandatory field in which the value inserted must be lower than or equal to the transaction amount.

If the value of the amount exceeds the transaction Amount, the field is highlighted and the error "Please enter an amount equal or lower to [TransactionAmount] kWh/h."  is shown below the input field.

10. The box Roll-in to subsequent auction event is unchecked as default, but it can be checked and is optional for all surrender requests that have a runtime higher than one day.
If the runtime is equal to a day, the option to roll-in will not be selectable.

Note: you will not have to specify any allocation to balancing groups when surrendering your capacity.

11. By clicking on the "Surrender" button, the surrender request starts.

Note: Please keep in mind the that surrender requests are accepted until the window closes:

  • if the specified runtime is equal to one year: two working days at 11:00 a.m. before the publication day of the auction;

  • if the specified runtime is equal to one quarter: two working days at 11:00 a.m. before the publication day of the auction;

  • if the specified runtime is equal to one month: two working days at 11:00 a.m. before the publication day of the auction;

  • if the specified runtime is equal to one day: 01:00 p.m. on the publication day of the auction;

12. Once the request has been created, it will be in status "Pending" until the surrender window closes.

13. You can cancel a surrender request anytime before the window closes:

The surrender requests in the "My Transactions" overview can have the following statuses:

  • "Pending", if the surrender has been requested
  • "Unsuccessful", if the surrender request has been cancelled by you or if the capacity could not be remarketed
  • "Successful", if the capacity could be remarketed

However, in the details of the surrender request, the following statuses can be found:

  • "Requested", if the surrender has been requested and the window is still open

  • "Processing", if the submission window is closed

  • "Successful", if the surrendered capacity could be remarketed

  • "Partially successful", if the surrendered capacity was partially remarketed 

  • "Unsuccessful", if the capacity was not sold in an auction

  • "Cancelled", if you cancelled the request

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