Where to View and Download Your Invoices?

Modified on: Mon, 7 Nov, 2022 at 10:38 AM



As of 2022, PRISMA offers operators the possibility to subscribe to Contract Management and Capacity Management.

If your company has an assignment to at least one operator subscribing to these modules, you as a shipper admin will find their invoices on your PRISMA account.

Follow the instructions in this article to know where to find your invoices.


1. Log into the PRISMA platform.

2. Click on "Operators".

3. Select "Invoices": here you will find the overview of all the invoices and arrears published for your company by all operators subscribing to the service.

4. By clicking on the funnel icon, you are able to filter the invoices based on different parameters, among which invoice number, TSO, contract, invoice status and overdue invoices only.

5. The bullet next to an open invoice indicates that the invoice has not yet been downloaded by anyone.

6. Should your company not have paid the invoice by the due date, the indication "Overdue" appears next to the invoice status.

7. By clicking on the details of the invoice, you are able to download the attachments. 

They include: 

  • the invoice document, a PDF file;
  • the positions attachment document, also a PDF file, which contains more details about the invoice;
  • the invoice source data document, an excel table detailing all the entries of the invoice, including corrections and curtailments;
  • if applicable, an additional attachment uploaded manually by the operator.
    Note: if the operator has not attached any additional document, this box will not be visible in the invoice details.

A grey bullet point in the card of each document will indicate that the document has not been downloaded yet.

Note: once the payment confirmation of the invoice has been received from SAP, your used credit limit will be updated automatically.

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