What do all auction statuses mean?

Modified on: Fri, 16 Jul, 2021 at 5:46 PM

  1. Preopen: the auction has been created but not published yet.
  2. Published: the auction has been published, but it hasn't opened yet.
  3. Open: the auction is running.
  4. Evaluating: the end of the auction or round, in which the results are being processed.
  5. Closed: the auction or round has ended, and it's no longer possible to bid.
  6. Economic test pending: the auction is part of an incremental scenario. In this case, after they close, auctions are put on hold until the operator chooses the successful offer level.
  7. Finished: the auction has ended, after closing and undergoing evaluation.
  8. Skipped: the auction didn't take place and was skipped for certain reasons. 
  9. Cancelled: the auction has been cancelled and will not take place.
  10. Terminated: the auction has been interrupted, and it's no longer possible to take part in it.
  11. Unsuccessful: the auction was not selected as successful. This is the case of auctions which are part of an incremental scenario and don't pass the economic test.

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