How Do I Create an Ex-Post Conversion Request?

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An ex-post conversion request can be started in the "My Transactions" view (under "Transactions" for bookings performed on the platform and under "TAG Multi-Year" for legacy transactions).

Only firm (FZK, DZK) long-term bundled capacity bookings can undergo an ex-post conversion request. To do so, you must have an unbundled booking at a network point, which is part of the bundled booking. 

That is only possible, however, within three business days (Mo-Fr) after the end of the auction in which the bundled product was acquired. For example, for an auction which closed on Thursday at 18:00h, a conversion can be requested until the next Tuesday  at 18:00h.


To start a conversion request, do the following:

1. Go to "Reporting" > "My transactions"

2. Click on the three dots under "Actions".

3. Then select the "Create conversion request" button. The form for creating a conversion request will be displayed:


  • The "Transaction" card will contain the details of the unbundled part of the selected bundled deal, which include network point and TSO who has subscribed to the capacity management service

  • In the "Conversion Request" tile in the dialog:

    • the field for the "Bundled Deal ID" of the transaction is pre-filled and cannot be edited;

    • the fields "Amount" and "Runtime" are editable. Once the values are inserted, the following validations are performed:

      • conversion quantity <=transaction amount

      • conversion runtime <= transaction runtime 

    • the field "Unbundled Deal" is a free text field.

Once the "Submit" button has been clicked, the following validations are performed:

  • the conversion window of 72 working hours after closure of the auction in which the bundled had been acquired is still open.

    If a request is submitted after the conversion window has closed, the following error message is shown: 
    "The conversion window for this runtime is already closed."

  • the shipper still possesses the specified amount for the specified runtime in both deals

    • the quality is firm in both deals (FZK or DZK)

    • the capacity is not blocked or deducted from the shipper portfolio due to: 

      • successful surrender 

      • a surrender request 

      • successful secondary trade 

      • pending secondary trade

      • secondary proposal

      • successful conversion

      • a conversion request 

    • If capacity is blocked or deducted by any other transaction, the following error is shown:
      "The requested capacity had already been used for other transactions. Please reduce the amount/runtime before proceeding."

  • the specified amount of the conversion request from the bundled deal is not allocated to a balancing group for the specified period 

    • if the amount is allocated, the following error is shown: "Please remove the selected capacity from any Balancing Group before proceeding."

In case of a successful validation, a human readable ID is assigned to the conversion request (e.g. CO4567) and the converted capacity is blocked for further use and cannot be allocated anymore to a balancing group. Moreover, the conversion request gets the status "Requested" until the TSO approves or rejects it.

Note: the request is binding and cannot be withdrawn.

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