How Do I Create an Ex-Post Conversion Request?

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An ex-post conversion request can be started in the "My Transactions" view (under "Transactions" for bookings performed on the platform and under "TAG Multi-Year" for legacy transactions).

Only firm (FZK, DZK) long-term bundled capacity bookings can undergo an ex-post conversion request. To do so, you must have an unbundled booking at a network point, which is part of the bundled booking. 

That is only possible, however, within three business days (Mo-Fr) after the end of the auction in which the bundled product was acquired. For example, for an auction which closed on Thursday at 18:00h, a conversion can be requested until the next Tuesday  at 18:00h.


To start a conversion request, do the following:

1. Go to "Reporting" > "My transactions"

2. Click on the three dots under "Actions".

3. Then select the "Create conversion request" button. The form for creating a conversion request will be displayed:


4. The "Transaction" card contains the details of the unbundled part of the selected bundled deal, which include network point and TSO who has subscribed to the capacity management service.

5. In the "Conversion Request," these are the available fields:

  • "Bundled Deal ID:" this field is prefilled with the the deal ID of the target bundle;

  • "Amount" and "Runtime: these fields can be edited. Once the values are inserted, the following validations are performed:

    • conversion quantity <=transaction amount

    • conversion runtime <= transaction runtime 

  • "Unbundled Deal:" this field is editable.

6. Once the "Submit" button has been clicked, the following validations are performed:

  • the conversion window of 72 working hours after closure of the auction in which the bundled had been acquired is still open.

    If a request is submitted after the conversion window has closed, the following error message is shown: 
    "The conversion window for this runtime is already closed."

  • the shipper still possesses the specified amount for the specified runtime in both deals

    • the quality is firm in both deals (FZK or DZK)

    • the capacity is not blocked or deducted from the shipper portfolio due to: 

      • successful surrender 

      • a surrender request 

      • successful secondary trade 

      • pending secondary trade

      • secondary proposal

      • successful conversion

      • a conversion request

7. If capacity is blocked or deducted by any other transaction, the following error is shown:
"The requested capacity had already been used for other transactions. Please reduce the amount/runtime before proceeding."

  • the specified amount of the conversion request from the bundled deal is not allocated to a balancing group for the specified period 

    • if the amount is allocated, the following error is shown: "Please remove the selected capacity from any Balancing Group before proceeding."

In case of a successful validation, a human readable ID is assigned to the conversion request (e.g. CO4567) and the converted capacity is blocked for further use and cannot be allocated anymore to a balancing group. Moreover, the conversion request gets the status "Requested" until the TSO approves or rejects it.

Note: the request is binding and cannot be withdrawn.

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