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The PRISMA REMIT Reporting service allows you to generate the reports on secondary market transaction automatically to ACER. 

The service will save you time and possible mistakes, since it will take into consideration all secondary trades which were concluded on the PRISMA platform.  

You can also use the service for external trade outside our platform, easily using the platform to generate those reports.

The service costs annually 3,000.00 €. We offer 4 different models as follows:

  • We will report directly to ACER
  • We will report only to you
  • We will report to you and to ACER
  • We will report to you, with prefilled EIC of the designated RRM (Registered Reporting Mechanism)

(!) You have to choose only one of the above models.

How to subscribe?

  1. Review the short and user-friendly General Term and Conditions of the service.
  2. Fill out the order form, specifying the desired model.
  3. Fill out PRISMA's SEPA mandate, for smooth yearly transaction.
  4. Send both forms to our Customer Success team at:

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