How do Add a New Contact to the Contact List?

Modified on: Tue, 28 Dec, 2021 at 5:27 PM



If a new contact needs to be added to the contact list of your company, please follow the instructions below.

Note: for any changes concerning the "Dispatching (central)" contact, please fill out form 1 and send it to


1. Go to "Account settings".

2. Click on "Contacts" from the menu.

3. Click on the blue arrow in the second line of any contact.

4. Select any of the existing contacts or click on "Create new contact".

5. Fill in all the required fields, then save the contact by clicking on "Create contact".

6. Save the change by clicking on "Save changes".

Note: any change to the contact list will become active from the following gas day at 06:00am.

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