How to Register Your Company on PRISMA?

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If you wish to join the PRISMA Platform and/or AggregateEU, you must go through the registration process on PRISMA: PRISMA Registration. The first user will always be a user administrator so please ensure that you have the proper documentation ready to upload as described below.

NOTE: If you already have a PRISMA account and wish only to subscribe to AggregateEU, you do not need to register again. You can sign up for the AggregateEU Service by following the instructions in this article: How to Subscribe to the AggregateEU Service? (Available in the end of March, 2023).

Registration Roadmap

The overall stages of the registration process can be described as follows:

1. Request: First, you must go through the registration steps and provide the mandatory details and documents - as delineated below;

2. Confirmation: Then, you must confirm your registration data and email address;

3. Review: After you do so, our Customer Success Team will review and approve your application. In case any further clarification is needed, they will reach out to you.

4. Approval: Finally, you will receive your credentials to access the platform.


To register your company for the first time, do as follows:

Step 1 - Guidelines and Subscription Type

1. Go to PRISMA Registration;

2. Gather these mandatory documents: (1) the Power of Attorney Form signed with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) by a person authorized to sign on behalf of your company and (2) a current copy of your Commercial Registry (no older than three months) which proves the establishment of your company and lists the representatives authorized to sign on its behalf.

3. Click on "Start."

Step 2 - Company Details

In this step, please enter your company details:

1. Fill in all the mandatory details of your company address;

2. Choose whether you have an Energy Identification Code (EIC) - for further information about the EIC, please consult: Energy Identification Code (EIC). Most companies must provide an EIC to join the platform. However, in some circumstances, an exemption can be granted - if, for instance, you do not qualify for one according to the guidelines of ENTSO-E.

NOTE: Without an EIC, you cannot subscribe to the role of Gas Buyer. Applying for one during the demand aggregation and tendering process may lead to significant delays.

3. If your organization has an EIC, enter it in the appropriate field. The company name and VAT will automatically appear. If your organization does not have an EIC, enter your company name and VAT manually.

4. Finally, click on "Next."

Step 3 - User Details

In this step, you must provide your user details. Remember that, as the first user, you will also be the first administrator of the company. Whether you're registering as a Shipper or only as an AggregateEU Participant, this step is exactly the same.

1. First, fill in all the mandatory user details. As an admin, your email must be a personal, non-transferable and non-sharable account, which clearly contains or refers to your name;

2. Then, upload a duly-signed Power of Attorney form and a copy of your company registry extract;

3. Optional: if you cannot use a mobile token as a two-factor authentication solution, click on "Can't Use Mobile Token?" The mobile token is, however, just as safe and much more convenient than the hardware option;

4. Finally, click on "Next."

Step 4 - Terms and Conditions

You're almost done! Now, just do the following:

1. Read and confirm that you accept our general terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy. Just tick the boxes next to these statements.

2. Finally, click on "Submit Registration."

Once your registration request has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from PRISMA. In this email, you will find a link. Please, click on it to confirm your email address.

Now, your application will be reviewed by us.

After we approve it, you will receive your login credentials.

If wish to register as shipper, you can log in with you credentials and add the shipper role to your company. Then, in order to trade with operators, you must request assignments with them. You can already browse our operators' page and prepare the required documentation.

If you only wish to be an AggregateEU participant, you can log in and subscribe to the service. For further instructions on how to do so, please check this article: How to Subscribe to the AggregateEU Service?


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