Check List for Yearly Auctions

Yearly auctions are an important occurrence of the gas year. Therefore, it is advisable for you to check a number of details before this important date:

1. Access your account before bidding day to ensure that there's nothing wrong with your credentials and physical or mobile token;

2. Ensure that your assignments for the TSOs with which you wish to trade is approved:

3. Ensure that you have a sufficient credit limit with your assigned TSOs;

4. Be advised that we are running incremental capacity auctions;

5. Set your favourite network points in advance, so you can find your auctions more easily;

6. Don't forget that you can set up your bids in advance by creating a long-term comfort bid;

7. If applicable, contact the relevant operator to determine whether you have the correct balancing groups and/or portfolio codes. You can check this under your account settings, accessible from the platform dashboard, like so: