200Successful operation 
  • Successful retrieval of FCFS booking
  • Successful retrieval of auction(s)
  • Successful retrieval of secondary trade(s)
  • Successful retrieval of TSO(s)
  • Successful retrieval of market areas
  • Successful retrieval of auction calendars
  • Successful retrieval of auction booking
  • Successful retrieval of network point(s)
201Successful operation (POST command)
400No results
  • No auction found for given ID 
  • No auctions were found 
  • Wrong direction
  • No TSOs were found
  • No TSO found for given ID or identification code
  • Unable to retrieve market areas
  • Wrong direction
  • No auction calendar was found
  • Validation error
  • No network points were found
401No valid token added to authorization header (the token during the login was incorrect)

Permission error 

  • You can't view the auction details as the state is not supported
404Not found 
  • Auction not found
  • PortfolioCode not found
  • BalancingGroup not found
  • Bid not found 
  • Auction, User, BalancingGroup or PortfolioCode not found
  • Bid, Auction, User, BalancingGroup or PortfolioCode not found
  • No network point found for given ID        
500Platform is not reachable