In case you would like to subscribe to the biggest tier and send bids to the platform, we will provide a test environment for you to test your implementation. 

We have set-up a dedicated test environment for you. Where you can use the API without any impact to our productive data.

You can access interactive documentation here:

Please note: You can only access the test system via the API. You cannot access the user interface. 

Communicate with API for test purposes

  • In order to get access to the test environment, you will need a dedicated test-account.

In order to receive your dedicated test-account, please contact us under and we will provide you a test-account for your company and a Bearer token type (please note that the word 'Bearer' is part of your token when you try to login).

  • To be able to place/update (POST/PUT) a bid from the automated interface to individual users, we would also provide a user account for you. 

Please contact us under in order to recieve a test 'userEmail'.

(!) Please notice that the test 'userEmail' is only for sake of testing and you will not have access to this mailbox.