How can I test the API?

Modified on: Thu, 27 May, 2021 at 6:35 PM


If you want to test your API implementation, we will provide a test access for you to test your implementation. 

We have set up a dedicated test environment for you, where you can use the API without any impact on your and our productive data.

You can access interactive documentation here:

Note: You can only access the test system via the API. You cannot access the user interface of that environment. 

Communicate via API for test purposes

  • In order to get access to the test environment, you will need a dedicated test account.

In order to receive your dedicated test account, please contact us under, and we will provide you with a test account for your company and a Bearer token type (please note that the word 'Bearer' is part of your token when you try to log in).

  • To be able to place/update (POST/PUT) a bid from the automated interface to individual users, we would also provide a user account for you. 

Please contact us under in order to receive a test 'userEmail'.

This service is only available to Trader API subscribers though.

Note: The test 'userEmail' is only for sake of testing and you will not have access to this mailbox.

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