The PRISMA shipper API is an IT infrastructure. The service allows the user to operate in the platform without using the graphical UI. The PRISMA Shipper REST API provides an easy way to get important booking information, analyze transactions and place bids in short and long term auctions. To see all the respective services under PRISMA shipper API, please check the following link:

The registration to the service is at least up until the end of the calendar year. If the user registers at the beginning of the year, the payment will be charged at the beginning of the year. In case of subscription during the year, the payment is a monthly pro-rata basis for the rest of the calendar year. The payment will charge via SEPA, therefore during the registration process, the user should provide a valid SEPA mandate form.

To check about all the functionality and the specification of PRISMA shipper API, please check:

How to activate the service?

Step 1

Only a shipper admin of respective company can activate the PRISMA API service. The registration done by login to the platform >> 'Shipper admin' section >> 'Premium services'

In that page, the user can see whether the service is activated or not. For more information, the user can use the 'See documentation' link.

Step 2

By switching to 'Yes', the following pop-up will show to present the different registration steps. The pop-up also notifies the user regards the payment period. 

The user can in this step review the API GTCs and the API services by clicking the links.

Step 3

After pressing the 'Next' button the user will see the 3 different service packages.

We offer 3 different packages with different services level, depends on the usage of the user. 

Step 4

After choosing the desirable package, the platform will show the company billing information for the SEPA mandate. you will be able to change the information by pressing the edit button.

In order to approve the SEPA information, you need the check the checkbox and press the 'Confirm' button.

The SEPA mandate is mandatory for the activation of the PRISMA shipper API service.

Step 5

Before the final confirmation, the user has a chance to review the price, the debtor information and review the API GTCs.

In order to submit the registration, the user needs to agree with the terms and conditions.

By pressing on the 'Order now' button, the registration is placed and the service will be activated.

For the next steps and use of the token please check login to PRISMA shipper API.