Activation of PRISMA Shipper API

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The PRISMA shipper API is an IT infrastructure, which permits you to use the platform without using the graphical UI. With this service, you can easily extract booking information, analyse transactions and place bids in short and long term auctions.

To see all the respective services and the technical details of PRISMA's shipper API, please check the following documentation:  PRISMA API Documentation

You can subscribe to the API at any point throughout the year - depending on the month, you will be charged on a pro-rata basis. The payment is processed through a SEPA mandate. 

NOTE: Only a shipper administrator of your company can subscribe to this service.

How to activate the service?

  1. Click on "Shipper Admin."

  2. Click on "Premium Services."

  3. Finally activate the toggle next to PRISMA API.

A pop-up window will appear. First, you will see an overview of the registration procedure and a link to the technical details of the functionality. To continue, click on "Next".

Upon doing so, you will find an overview of the three available API packages: (1) Reconciliation, (2) Analyst and (3) Trader. 

Click on "Choose" beneath your desired package to continue.

On the following page, you'll be asked to provide a SEPA mandate to pay for the selected service. Your company details will be prefilled for your convenience. However, if you'd like to alter some information, just click on the pencil icon. Otherwise, check the box confirming the mandate and move on to the next page.

Finally, review your details, read and accept the terms and conditions. Press "Order now" to conclude the process.

For further instructions on how to use this service, please go to How can I start using the PRISMA shipper API?

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