When are auction, booking and trade results available via the PRISMA API?

Modified on: Fri, 28 May, 2021 at 6:07 PM


Generally speaking, the auction results are available as soon as they are published. For complex constellations, where many auctions are in competition, the evaluation of the auction results can take up to five minutes.

On average, however, results are available much quicker. To get the most results as quickly as possible and still in one go, give it one to two minutes.

If you want to make sure you definitely got everything, you can also call the results multiple times: for example, once 2 minutes after the auction ends, and once 6 minutes after it ends, to be sure that you haven't missed any results that took longer to process.

The results for FCFS bookings and secondary trades should be available immediately, as the platform does not need to perform any evaluation on them. 

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