Storage - How to Place a Bid in a Storage Offer?

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Preliminary Instructions

To place a bid in a storage offer, please ensure that:

a. you have an active assignment with the SSO.

b. the auction status is open.

c. your credit limit is sufficient to request the desired amount.

Placing Bid

Step 1 - Find The Storage Offer

Go to the "Storage" page found on the top menu of your user account and then click on "Auctions." Under "Active Offers," you will find all available offers at the moment. Then, click on the arrow by "Details" to place a bid.

Step 2 - Enter your bid details

 On the bid place, fill out the mandatory fields below with the desired values:

a. Minimum quantity: the minimum amount of capacity you're willing to buy.

b. Max quantity: the maximum amount of capacity you're willing to buy.

c. Price: the monetary amount you're willing to pay.

d. Long-term Contract: the contract applicable to a particular storage offer.

Step 3 - Place your bid

To proceed, you must accept the GTCs of the SSO.

At last, click on "Place Bid" and confirm your request.

For your convenience, your bid will appear at the bottom of the page where you can easily manage it.

Managing Your Bid

If you'd like to delete your bid or add another one, you can easily do it on the same page so long as the offer is still open. Once the offer closes, all bids are final.

To delete a bid, click on the little bin next to it. Then, proceed to confirm the deletion in the pop-up dialogue box.

To place another bid, click on "Place Another Bid" and follow steps 1-3. All your active bids are then listed at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind that the SSO stipulates the number of permissible bids in any offer.

Once the auction is over, your bid could have the following statuses:

1. Green Symbol: Full Allocation

2. Brown Symbol: Partial Allocation

3. Red Symbol: No Allocation

4. Waiting for Allocation: The allocation procedure has not yet been manually triggered by the SSO.

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