A shipper user can place a bid for an offer of an SSO by selecting 'Place bid' from the action drop-down button for a specific offer on the overview page.
This functionality and its requirements are described in more detail in the following sections. The bid can be placed only during the period that the offer is active (status 'Open').

Please keep in mind that a bid can only be placed for an assigned SSO.

General description

A shipper user can place a bid for storage products in state 'Open' through the following steps:

Step 1 - Open bidding form

To place a bid for a storage offer, you have to select "Place bid" from the action drop down button for a specific offer on the overview page.

Step 2 - Enter your bid details

The upper part of the page that opens after you clicked on "Place bid" looks exactly like the details page that is described in the Details Page article.

Below the details of the storage offer, there is a section titled "Place a bid". You can now place a bid until the offer closes.

To place a bid for the storage offer, you need to fill out the following fields with appropriate values (otherwise they are set to zero):

  • Min quantity
  • Max quantity
  • Price

In addition, what is required is that you accept the SSO's GTCs and the GTCs of the PRISMA platform.

In the case of multiple different products under the same offer, there is also the possibility to bid for only one of the two products.

Step 3 - Place your bid

When you have entered all the details of your bid in the corresponding form fields, you click on "Place bid" and then confirm your entered bid. If any change is needed you can modify your bid via clicking the 'Modify' button.

Step 4 - Place another bid (optional)

After placing your bid, it is added to the bids section at the bottom of the page (under "YOUR COMPANY'S BID"). 

You can place another bid if you want to by clicking on "Place bid". The details of your previous bid are kept in the form, so you just have to change the values that differ from your first bid before clicking on "Place bid".

It is possible to delete the bid as long as the offer in status "Open".

The presentation in a case of one product and two product under same offer:

One product:

Two products:

In the following screen, the shipper bid only for the first product 'SUB + Injection'.

In the case that there is already a long list of bids for this offer and you have scrolled down to the very end of the page, the button 'Place another bid' offers a convenient feature:

you can click on the button which then scrolls up immediately to the section where you can enter the bid details in the form to place your next bid.

After the offer closed, the SSO will receive the list of bids and allocation storage capacity according to the price and quantity of each bid via PRISMA Platform notification system. The shipper will later receive the allocation decision of the SSO directly via email.