Storage - How to Book FCFS?

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Certain storage operators offer you the possibility to book capacity via FCFS at a fixed price.

To check whether capacity is available at a certain location, follow the instructions below.


1. Log into your account;

2. Click on "Storage" on the blue menu;

3. Select "FCFS Booking";

4. Insert the name of the storage location to start the process;

5. Then press on "Select":

6. In step 2, select the product from the dropdown menu: some details will already be prefilled.

You need to specify the runtime and the amount of capacity you are looking for:

7. Proceed to step 3 by clicking on "Check availability". In this time, the platform performs a check with the SSO's backend system to see if the requested capacity is available for FCFS booking. 

8. The possible outcomes for your request are three:

  1. Request unsuccessful: the SSO's system does not reply to the FCFS booking request.

  2. Proposed alternative: the SSO rejects the FCFS booking request and proposes an alternative to it.

  3. Booking request successful: your request was successful and you can proceed with booking the capacity.

9. After confirming your booking, you will see a recap of it:

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