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The FCFS booking at storage locations functionality allows shippers to request their desired quantity at a fixed price set by the SSO.

To create a Storage FCFS booking go to "Storage" and then "FCFS booking."

Step 1

Select the desired storage location.

Step 2


  • The product to be offered in the storage location
  • The run time for the booking
  • The requested amount of storage capacity

Step 3

By clicking "Check Availability," the platform performs a check with the SSO's backend system to see if the requested capacity is available for FCFS booking. 

Step 4

There are three possible outcomes for your request:

1) Request unsuccessful

The SSO's system does not reply to the FCFS booking request:

2) Proposed alternative 

The SSO rejects the FCFS booking request and proposes an alternative to it:

3) Booking request successful

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