1. Dispatching (Central):

Under Dispatching Central, you should list an on-call contact number from your company's dispatching department, which is available 24/7 in case a TSO needs to reach you in short notice. You must also list a back-up phone number, in case the primary number is unavailable.

2. Billing:

Under Billing, you should enter a contact from the accounting department of your company who is responsible for capacity contract invoices and available to liaise with TSOs.

3. Communication:

Under Communication, you must list a contact who can be informed should a TSO(s) need to report maintenance or any other activity that might affect booked entry/exit capacity.

4. Operations:

Under Operations, you ought to input an agent from the operations department of your company, who is available for contact by the TSO should any questions concerning the allocation of capacity arise. These issues might include, but are not limited to, the implementation of new entry/exit points into a transport customer's balancing groups, the setup of nomination procedures and so forth.

NOTE: All such fields are compulsory.