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The PRISMA API allows you to request and post data to the PRISMA platform directly from your IT system. With the PRISMA API, you can support the most important business processes in regards to capacity management.

You can migrate data from our system to yours in no time and with no hassle ensuring your compliance with internal and external process requirements. By importing your capacity data via the API, you can avoid human error and acquire the most accurate, up-to-date data for subsequent processing. 

The API is fully integrated in your system and allows you to fully automate your trading result reconciliation, market reporting and even the entire bidding process - depending on the API package you book.

The three currently available levels are structured as follows:

If you would like to discuss with an expert which package is most suitable for your specific business needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Once you subscribed to the API and want to start implementing and testing the API, please let us know, so we can forward you your test environment credentials right away.

If you would like to hear some business implementation examples and also actually see the API in action, take a look at our Shipper API Webinar Recording, where we did just that:

Technical documentation

The technical documentation can be found here: How can I start using the PRISMA Shipper API?

How to Subscribe

Please follow the instructions in the related article: Activation of PRISMA Shipper API

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