Secondary Market - How to Enter External Trades

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If you have activated the REMIT service, you are also able to enter trades concluded outside of the PRISMA platform.

If a shipper company is activated for reporting external trades, every user of this company can enter external trades for REMIT reporting to ACER.


To enter trades concluded outside of the platform, do as follows:

1. Log into your account;

2. Click on "Transport";

3. Select "Secondary Trading": you will land on the secondary market overview page.

4. Then, click on the button "Enter external trade":

5. You will find yourself in the starting page, where you can either select a trade template of a transaction that was entered before (and was saved as a template) or you can continue without using a template by clicking on "Continue without template":

6. Once you have selected your preferred option, a form will be shown to you, containing the following sections:

  • Trade identifier: it's a label which identifies the trade
  • Contractual parties: here, the data of you and your counterparty is requested
  • Master data: this is the section about the network point and the involved TSO(s)
  • Capacity information: the details of the secondary transaction need to be inserted
  • Price information: the price of the transaction must be entered in the specified currency

7. When all sections are correctly filled out, click on "Continue" to have an overview of the inserted data.

8. In the "Price information" section, you will have the possibility to save the template for future use:

9. If the information is correct, click on "Submit": a green info box will inform you that the trade has been correctly submitted.

As soon as the trade is saved, the corresponding XML file is generated and sent to ACER.

The file can also be downloaded by scrolling to the end of the trade details' page:

Note: Keep in mind that you are responsible for entering the correct and relevant data to ensure the correct creation of the REMIT reporting XML files. If incorrect data is provided, the XML file might not be created or wrong information will be reported to ACER.

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