This page will take you through the creation of a trade proposal.

Navigate to the “Secondary Trading” page via the menu at the top of the page. Once there, click the “Create trade proposal” button to start the creation of a new trade proposal.

Select a network point to use, as shown above.

After you have selected a network point, you must choose whether the trade proposal is an offer to sell or a request to buy capacity. 

If the selected network point is an unbundled one, you’ll be able to continue right away.

If the selected network point is bundled, you’ll be required to select whether it is a “Bundled contract” or if you want to “Combine two unbundled capacity contracts,” as shown above. 

The next page will require you to select either CFO (Call for Orders), FCFS (First-Come-First-Served), or OTC (Over the Counter), and then specify the trading details. 

Depending on whether you select CFO, FCFS, or OTC, the fields above can vary a bit. In this case we’ll be using CFO, thus the fields above will be the view you’ll see if you select CFO. 

After proceeding to the next step, you’ll be taken to the view below, which varies depending on the network point being bundled or unbundled, and what kind of contract you chose in the second step.

The “Price information” fields will be locked until the first two fields are filled out. 

If the network point is bundled, further fields to fill in will be added, which are specific to the second network point in the bundle. 

In the last step of the creation of a trade proposal, the details will be summed up you will be required to accept the “General terms and conditions” and “REMIT reporting" obligations.

Here you have the possibility to either “Save as draft” or “Save and submit." 

Once the trade proposal has been saved, you’ll be directed to a page showing all the details of the newly created trade proposal, along with the ID and an option to withdraw it.