Secondary Market - How to Create a Trade Proposal?

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If you'd like to either sell or buy capacity in the secondary market, you must create a proposal. You can do so directly on PRISMA, provided you have an assignment with the TSO at whose network point you want to offer or request capacity.

Please keep in mind that all the options (trade procedures, transaction types, anonymous trading, capacity and price information) are set by each TSO. Therefore, the options you might have may differ from the ones you see in this page.


  1. Log into the platform.

  2. Select the "Transport" tab.

  3. Click on "Secondary trading". The following page will appear:

    Here you can check whether trade proposals are already available at network points. 

  4. To create a new proposal, click on the "Create trade proposal" button on the top right-hand side of the page.

  5. Select a network point, then save and continue.

  6. After you have selected a network point, you must choose whether the trade proposal is an offer to sell or a request to buy capacity. 

  7. If the selected network point is an unbundled one, you'll be able to continue right away.

    If the selected network point is bundled, you’ll be required to select whether it is a "Bundled contract" or if you want to "Combine two unbundled capacity contracts", as shown below.

  8. Click on "Save & Continue".

  9. The next page will require you to select the type of procedure: CFO (Call for Orders), FCFS (First-Come-First-Served), or OTC (Over the Counter).

  10. Then, specify the transaction type: assignment or transfer of use.

  11. If you select assignment as transaction type, you might have the chance to carry out a completely anonymous trading.

  12. Specify offer details and rules.
    Note: Depending on whether you selected CFO, FCFS, or OTC, the fields above can vary a bit.

  13. After saving, you'll be taken to the next step, in which you are required to enter the capacity details.

    If the contract in question is bundled, the information will have to be inserted separately for each TSO.

  14. In the last step of the creation of a trade proposal, the details will be summed up you will be required to accept the "General terms and conditions" of the TSO(s) and the "REMIT reporting" obligations.

    Here you have the possibility to either "Save as draft" (the proposal will not be published) or "Save and submit" (the proposal will be published).

  15. Once the trade proposal has been saved, you will be directed to a page showing all the details of it, along with the ID and an option to withdraw it. 

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