Within-day auctions

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This article explains how to take part in within-day auctions.

On the PRISMA platform landing page, both as a guest and as a logged-in user, you will find the upcoming and currently running auctions, as shown above.

You can also find these auctions via the top menu, by clicking "Transport." This will take you to the "Auctions" page.

This page is also visible as a guest user. After clicking "Join now" on the "within day" tile, you will be taken to a page listing all currently running auctions of that type. Here you can find your favourite network points, look through all the available auctions by pressing "Show all" or further filter the auctions with the filter button at the top left of the table. If you are logged into the platform, you'll be able to take part in the auctions of the TSOs you have an assignment with. You cannot take part in the auctions of TSOs you do not have an assignment to.

Clicking on 'Bid' will bring up the view shown in the following image.

Scrolling down will show the auction details.

If you're not logged in or have no active assignment, you're not allowed to bid, but you can still see the auction details.

To place a bid, fill in the required fields and click "Bid". You will be asked to review your bid. To continue, click "Place bid".

Once you have placed a bid, a summary of it will be shown at the top of the page and in your recent activity dashboard. From here you can edit your bid, withdraw it, or submit another one for the same auction, using the buttons under 'Actions.' 

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