How to Place a Day-Ahead Comfort Bid?

Modified on: Tue, 4 Jan, 2022 at 6:03 PM



In your account, you have the possibility to place a comfort bid for a day-ahead auction at a specific network point and for a specific capacity category.


To place a day-ahead comfort bid, do as follows:

1. Log in

2. Go to "Transport"

3. Scroll down and click on "New day-ahead comfort bid"

4. Select the network point for which you would like to create a comfort bid.

5. To proceed to the next step, click on "Save & Continue".

6. Select the submission interval, which is the time in which the comfort bid is active.

7. Choose the capacity category to which the DA comfort bid should apply.

8. Once this is done, you will be requested to enter the details of the bid: minimum and maximum capacity to which the bid should apply as well as a surcharge.

9. If required by the TSO(s), you might have to enter the corresponding balancing groups or portfolio codes.

10. You can tick the box "Roll over" if, in case you don't get any capacity during the DA auction, you would like your comfort bid to be placed in the first WID auction at that same network point and with the same settings.

11. Should the TSOs offer the options, you might also request an upgrade of capacity or the conversion of a contract from unbundled to bundled.

12. Before saving and continuing, you can add another DA comfort bid.

13. Click on "Save & Continue" to proceed.

14. Before you accept the TSO(s) GTCs, you can make sure that all the information you entered is correct on the "Confirmation" page.

15. Then, click on "Save & Submit"  

16. After clicking on "Save & Submit", you'll be taken to the overview, where you can check your existing comfort bid(s). You can also start a new comfort bid with the button at the bottom right. 

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