Long-Term Auctions - How to participate?

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One type of transport offers available on PRISMA are long-term auctions. This category comprises monthly, quarterly and yearly products of all kinds. As such, they operate according to the Ascending Clock Algorithm. Here, you will learn how to join long-term auctions.


To join long term auctions, do as follows:

a. Log into your PRISMA account;

b. Ensure that you have an active assignment with the TSO(s) which are marketing the capacity;

c. Click on "Transport" at the top blue menu;

d. Under "Live and Upcoming Auctions," click on "Join Now" in the auction you wish;

e. Now, choose from the list the auction in which you want to participate. You can display either your favorite network points or all of them.

The auction details screen below can be viewed both for auctions you can bid in and for auctions where you can only see the details.

These are the details for the auction. 

Shown below is the bidding form. This is on the same page as the details (shown above), but it is only available for auctions where you can take part in by having an assignment with the respective TSO.

Here your bid(s) can be specified: you can add "Future bids" in case the auction goes into several rounds, or you can just place one "Active bid". 

After a successfully placed bid, you will be shown a message stating that it went through.

If you go back to (in this case)  the "Yearly auctions" section again, you'll see your bids on the top of the page and also on your activity dashboard. Here you can edit, delete, or add bids. 

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