Trader lists are an additional functionality of the secondary market.

  • Trader lists can be used to restrict secondary trading to a defined number of counterparties.
  • Trader lists help shippers to restrict trading in accordance with their company’s requirements (e.g. in terms of creditworthiness).
  • When creating a trade proposal or placing a response, shippers can decide whether they would like to apply a trader list while creating their trade proposal/response.
  • Trader lists may be prepared in advance. 

Limitations of trader lists:

  • A trader list has to have at least three entries
  • Once a trader list is used, it can be withdrawn but no other list can be applied to the same trade proposal or response
  • Once a trader list is applied, additional entries (shipper companies) may be added to the list
  • Entries may only be removed after the trade proposal or response has reached a final status (e.g. expired or finished)

Managing Your Trading Lists

Once logged in to the platform, navigate to "Platform settings" via the menu located at the top of the page, then click "Trader lists" in the menu on the left side of the page.

Clicking "Trader lists" shows an initial overview of your trader lists. 

Clicking the "Create new list" button in the top right will bring you to the page shown below.

Simply name your trader list and find the traders you want to include. You can easily add and remove traders.  Click "Save Changes" when finished.


In the overview of your existing trader lists, you can click the arrow to the left of the list name to show the contents of that list.

Clicking the trash can icon will bring this up, asking if you're sure you want to delete the list you're about to delete.

A message will be shown when you add, edit, or delete a trader list.