Other Services - How to Access and User Contracting Services?

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I - Introduction

Some operators offer additional services that are not available on the PRISMA platform. You can, however, find information to register for these services on our platform. For instance, it is possible to access registration forms on PRISMA. 

II - How to Find Contracting Services

To access these forms, 

a. Click on the "Account settings" button on the top menu;

b. Then, click on "Assignment of Operators" on the left side menu;

c. Find the operator the services of which you'd like to use and click on the grey arrow on the left. If there are contracting services available, you should be able to find them on the right side of the drop-down options;

d. Click on "Contracting Services."

If you click on "Contracting Services," you will reach a page where you can select the services made available by the operator. Once you have filled out the fields and clicked 'Submit,' an email containing the input data will be sent to you and the operator.

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