Basic information

The FCFS Booking Process

  • Besides the possibility to acquire capacities via auctions shippers also have the possibility to book certain capacities on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • In FCFS bookings the platform acts as an intermediary between shipper and TSO with regard to all booking information (e.g. request, confirmation of availability).

First-come-first-served means that

  • Capacity is sold at the regulated tariff.
  • The user requests a certain amount and the TSO checks whether the requested amount is available.
  • If the requested capacity is not available, the TSO may send alternatives, that will be displayed on the platform.

Bearing in mind!

FCFS is not possible with all TSOs (depending on national regulation and TSOs decision)

Process overview

The process for booking transport capacities following the “first-come-first-served” principle is divided into 3 steps (see screenshot below).

In this booking process PRISMA acts as an intermediary between the shipper and the TSO for all information concerning the booking (e.g. request, confirmation of availability).

Step 1: Select the network point

  • First, select the network point at which you would like to book capacity.
  • Begin typing in a network point name or ID and you will be shown recommendations.

Bearing in mind!

You do not have to be logged in order to check whether any capacity is available, but to confirm a booking you will be asked to log in.

Step 2: Specify Booking

  •  After choosing a network point, you must specify the details of the capacity you would like to book
  • You must specify the capacity category, the amount of capacity, and the runtime.

Step 3: Confirm

  • If the requested capacity is available the process continues and you can confirm your booking.
  • Any trade proposals that match your request will also be displayed. You will be able to select these as an alternative to the TSO offer.

  • If the specified capacity is not available, the TSO may suggest alternative capacities that partially cover your request.
  • If no alternative capacity is available, you will not be able to continue and if you still wish to book capacity via FCFS you must start a new booking with different specifications.

Booking overview

  • After successfully booking capacity via FCFS, a summary of the booking will be shown and you will be able to start a new booking.