Credit Limit

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Knowledge base basics

TSOs may assign credit limits to shippers with a valid assignment on the PRISMA platform. These credit limits can be applied to different product types and frameworks. 


Credit limits are always checked against during the process of submitting a bid or when booking capacity via the FCFS functionality. In the event that your solvency, or credit, is almost, or completely, exhausted, a red warning pop-up will be displayed in the top right corner of the page. 


If you have completely exceeded your credit limit, you will not be able to place a bid. 

Framework and factor

 Credit limits are assigned by TSOs and are included within a credit framework, which defines the general rules of credit limits. This credit framework can, additionally, include a numeric value, the factor, which multiplies the value of the used credit. This information is not displayed in your settings on the PRISMA platform, so you should contact the relevant TSO directly for questions or clarifications.


Multiple credit limits applied to a single bid

The PRISMA system automatically evaluates the validity of all credit limits applied to the shipper and, in particular, checks the values regarding the period of validity and the runtime of the product. All limits applicable to the runtime and product for this specific bid will be applied, and the credit limit check will be considered as having passed.

Credits are evaluated individually and must all be valid in order for a bid to be placed.

Insufficient solvency

If you try to place a bid, but the insolvency warning appears in the upper right corner of the page when you try to submit it, recheck the TSO details in your account settings. The appearance of this notification means that your credit limit has been almost, or completely, exhausted.

Steps on the UI

  1. Access your account settings
  2. Select Assignments of operators
  3. Expand the TSO details

Insufficient solvency during a bundled auction

In order to know which TSO in a bundled auction has uploaded a credit limit for your company, check the details of both TSOs in the account settings section of the platform.

New credit limit uploaded

Credit limit information has to be checked manually for each TSO in the TSO details in the account settings section of the platform.

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