What Are Permission Groups?

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As an administrator, you can now manage which users have access to different services on the platform. In other words, you can decide who is entitled to do what on behalf of your company. Some users might be authorized to participate in auctions, while others might be authorized only to view invoices and such documents. By assigning them to the right permission group, you can ensure that each user will only be allowed to do what they need.

Types of Permission Groups

Standard Permission Groups: these permission groups are created by PRISMA based on the most common use cases. As such, the following groups belong to this category: (1) Administrator, (2) Legacy User, (3) Refactored User Permissions and, if you're a shipper with an assignment to a TSO that uses our contract management services, (4) Invoice Viewer. You can check which authorizations are preset for each of these groups on the platform.

Custom Permission Groups: these groups can be created and managed by you. As an admin, you can create a group, selected which authorizations you'd like to enable for it and then assign your users to it.

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