How to Configure Lead Times for FCFS Products?

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If you activate FCFS Bookings on PRISMA, you can configure a range of settings according to your business needs. One of those settings is the lead time of the products you wish to market. Lead time refers to the period between the purchase of a capacity product and the beginning of the runtime. You can create a lead time for: (1) Day-ahead and long-term products, (2) the first within-day product and (3) the subsequent within-day products.


To create a lead-time, do as follows:

1. Log into your account;

2. Click on the gear icon at the top right corner of the page;

3. Then, click on "Regular FCFS" on the drop-down menu;

4. Now, click on "Edit" inside the "Lead Times" tile;

On the editing page, do the following:

5. Enable lead times by ticking the Yes option;

6. If you so wish, add any notes or announcements in the box;

7. Then, choose whether you wish to add a lead time for (1) day-ahead or long-term products, (2) the first within-day product and/or (3) any subsequent within-day products.

8. An editing box will appear below in which you enter the Rule Name (prefilled for within-day), the Network Point to which the lead time applies, the Runtime Length (not applicable to within-day products), the Lead Time Start and End.

9. Once you fill in that information, click on "Add" and the newly created lead time will appear on the table.

10. Finally, click on "Save Changes."

After you create a lead time rule, you can always edit by click on the "Edit" button or delete it by clicking on the arrow and then on "Delete."

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