How to Enable Capacity Upgrade for FCFS Bookings?

Modified on: Wed, 3 Jul, 2024 at 9:56 AM



After you enable the FCFS Service on PRISMA, you can customize the settings according to your own business needs. One of those settings is Capacity Upgrade. If you permit capacity upgrade in FCFS bookings, shippers will be able to request an upgrade of previously booked interruptible capacity to firm capacity or lower quality firm capacity to higher quality firm capacity. Now, you can enable upgrade for FCFS capacity without changing the settings for auctions.


To enable capacity upgrade for FCFS bookings, do as follows:

1. Log into your account;

2. Click on gear icon at the top left corner;

3. Then, click on "Regular FCFS" on the drop-down menu;

4. Now, click on the "Edit" in the "Capacity Upgrade" tile;

On the editing page, you can configure the following parameters:

5. Choose whether you wish the enable capacity upgrade for long-term and/or short-term products;

6. Then, choose whether the Contract ID field - that is, the field in which the shipper is to enter the contract of the capacity to be upgraded - should be mandatory, optional or not-applicable.

7. Finally, click on "Save Changes."

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