What Do the Fields in the LNG Offer Overview Mean?

Modified on: Fri, 5 Apr, 2024 at 5:00 PM



On the main LNG Offers page, you can view all LNG offers having the following statuses: approval pending, allocation pending, open, published and waiting for the next round. Offers with status allocated, cancelled, unsuccessful and failed can be seen in our LNG Reporting section.

Note: Any person can view this page even without logging in.


a. Offer Name: the name that will identify the auction, with an indicator for primary or secondary market included;

b. Offer ID: a unique identifier assigned to each offer;

c. Terminal: name of the terminal for which the auction takes place and name of the LSO marketing at this terminal;

d. Available Services: each icon represents a different service - Unloading, Storage, Regasification and Transport. If you hover your cursor over the symbol representing, for instance, 'Storage,' a tool-tip will appear, displaying the text 'Storage.' This provides you with a quick and informative preview of the type of product associated with that particular symbol or name. The services offered in that auction are highlighted in blue;

e. Service Runtime: exact runtime of the offer;

f. Status: status of the offer (approval pending, allocation pending, open, published, waiting for next round, created);

g. Action: by clicking on Details, you can see more information about the offer.


By clicking on the funnel icon, you can expand the filter, which allows you to refine your search by different parameters:


You can sort all the columns except for 'Available Services' and 'Actions.'

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