Do I have to create a report for all my matched demands?

Modified on: Thu, 28 Sep, 2023 at 11:04 AM


If you, as a buyer, have successfully gotten matching offers for your demand you might have to create reports based on these. But you only have to report those for which you actually contacted the seller or the seller contacted you to start the negotiation.

In case you are in contact with a seller about matches at the same location that reach over several consecutive months you can combine these in one report.

For example:

1May 2024Location 1Seller Bnot contacted
2June 2024Location 1Seller C
3July 2024Location 1Seller Acontacted
4August 2024Location 1Seller Acontacted
5September 2024Location 1Seller Acontacted
6November 2024Location 1Seller Acontacted

  • for match No. 1 the buyer doesn't have to report because no negotiation was initiated
  • for match No. 2 the buyer has to create a report because negotiation started with Seller C
  • for match No. 3-5 the buyer can create a single report spanning July until September
  • for match No. 6 the buyer has to create an own report because there is a break after September

The result from our example is that 3 reports are needed from a total number of 6 matching offers.

In case of doubt or if you need some additional help, don't hesitate to contact the Prisma Customer Success Team.

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