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EXIMBANKA SR can support Slovak gas buyers and their suppliers by providing credit or issuing guarantees. 

Credit for Gas buyers up to two years

EXIMBANKA SR provides purposefully linked financial resources for financing material and other costs associated with carrying out a client contract.


The company first needs to conclude a contract and then requests EXIMBANKA SR for refinancing. 

Process for providing the credit loan

1. Contract: The company concludes a contract and requests EXIMBANKA SR for refinancing.

2. Provision of Credit: EXIMBANKA SR provides the company with receivables loan for financing material and other costs related to execution the contract including repayment of invoices issued not earlier than 6 months from date of drawing credit.

3. Credit Repayment: Repayment of credit by the company following payment from the contract credited to client‘s account by Slovak buyer.

Payment Bank Guarantee/SBLC (to be requested by Slovak gas buyer)


EXIMBANKA SR can issue payment bank guarantees to cover the liability of its client to make payment to the beneficiary provided that this liability has a link to (i) the payment conditions of an export contract or (ii) the conditions of the provider of the bank credit related to payment of its principle and interest.



A business with a registered seat and place of doing business in Slovakia, requesting the issue of a bank guarantee.



In case of issuing a counter-guarantee, the beneficiary of the guarantee is a foreign or domestic entity or bank issuing the underlying payment guarantee


In case of issuing a payment guarantee, the beneficiary of the guarantee is the financing bank, leasing company or direct supplier.



How to Contact EXIMBANKA SR 


More information and direct contact can be found on our website: EXIMBANKA SR - Contacts.

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