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If the gas buyers or suppliers are from Romania, Exim would be willing to offer financial support. Exim Banca Românească offers mainly the following domestic guarantees on behalf and for the account of the Romanian state for investments and working capital needs: 

(a) guarantees in market conditions, covering max. 80% of the investment/working capital loan; 

(b) guarantees under the Ukraine state aid scheme, until end 2023, covering 90% of the loan, in accordance with the terms and conditions set up in the EC Temporary Framework Ukraine.


Whether you are an SME or a large company, you can use the guarantees granted by Exim Banca Românească as collateral for the loans and letters of guarantee issued by the commercial banks. Exim Banca Românească has extensive experience in working with the Romanian commercial banks when providing guarantees on behalf and for the account of the state. The application for the guarantee is to be jointly submitted by you and your bank but you may first contact Exim Banca Românească using the EU Energy Platform’s contact details in the section below.

In its capacity of ECA (Export Credit Agency), Exim Banca Românească can provide export credit insurance for short term (up to two years supplier credits) and medium and long term (more than 2 years supplier and buyer’s credits), in compliance with the OECD rules and EU regulations.

How to Contact Exim

You may send an email request for support to the EU Energy Platform to:


Please indicate:

  • The name of the financial institution(s) from which you are requesting support;
  • The name and place of incorporation of your company;
  • The ultimate beneficial owner(s) of your company;
  • The destination of the gas you are willing to purchase;
  • If available, an estimated amount of the requested financial support;
  • Any other information you find relevant at this initial stage.

Please note that the EU Energy Platform will forward your request to Exim.


Further contacts will be organized bilaterally between your company and Exim.

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