How to view your matching results as a seller?

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After the offer submission phase closes and all sellers have placed their offers to the available tenders, there will be a short break where all the matches are calculated and verified before they get published and are visible to all the participating parties.

In short-term tenders, both buyers and sellers will receive the contact details of their potential counterparties. In mid-term tenders, only buyers will receive the contact details of sellers who expressed their interest to sell. It is, then, the buyer's prerogative to reach out to sellers and start negotiations.


To see all the details of your matched offers, do as follows:

1. Log into your PRISMA account;

2. Click on AggregateEU on the top blue menu;

3. Now, click on "Tendering & Matching";

4. Then, click "My Seller Matches" to see the overview of all the matches of your offers. If you are only subscribed as "Seller" this tab is called "My Matches".

In this view, you have already a rough overview of the specific matches, but to see more information like the contact details of your counterparty you have to click the "Details" button in the specific entries.

On the details page you can see the following information:

1. General details of the tender in which you submitted your offer.

2. Amount and price of your submitted offer as well as the total amount of all the related calculated matches. In LNG tenders, you can also see a list of your preferred terminals.

3. General contract information, such as the list of available LNG terminals for this tender location, if applicable.

4. The main information for the specific contract negotiations. If multiple buyers were matched to your specific offer, you will see an entry for every company here.

This section includes the contact details, the calculated matched amount for this specific company, and the financial securities the buyer is able to provide.

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