How to view your matching results as a buyer?

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Once all sellers submit their offers and the Offer Submission Phase ends, there will be a short break during which matches are calculated and validated. Then, the results are published to all participants on the PRISMA Platform. These results contain all the necessary information for you to start negotiations with your counterparties.

In short-term tenders, both buyers and sellers will receive the contact details of their potential counterparties. In mid-term tenders, only buyers will receive the contact details of sellers who expressed their interest to sell. It is, then, the buyer's prerogative to reach out to sellers and start negotiations.


To see all the details of your matched offers, do as follows:

1. Log into your PRISMA account;

2. Click on AggregateEU on the top blue menu;

3. Now, click on "Tendering & Matching";

4. Then, click "My Buyer Matches" to see the overview of all the matches to your demand. If you are only subscribed as "Buyer" this tab is called "My Matches".

5. To view more information about a match, simply click on "Details" in the row of the relevant tile.

On the details page, the following information is available:

1. General tender details, including the location, the month, your demand and the total demand. In LNG offers, this tile also contains a list of preferred terminals;

2. Your share of gas from all suitable offer matches, based on your demand as well as the average price per MWh;

3. General contract information e.g. the applicable EFET conditions;

4. The main information for the specific contract negotiations. If multiple sellers were matched to your specific demand, you will see an entry for every company here.

This section includes the contact details, the calculated matched amount for this specific company, and the indicative price that can be the starting point for subsequent contract negotiations.

For LNG Tenders, Match Details contain additional information: namely, More Buyers in This Tender. Furthermore, a star indicates that you have both chosen a particular terminal as your favorite.

This information can be used to get in contact with the other buyers involved in this tender to facilitate the possibility of jointly procuring the complete, significant volume aboard a larger LNG carrier.

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