How to Set Up Your Company as a Central Buyer?

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For the purposes of AggregateEU, you may sign up to act as a Central Buyer. In this capacity, you will submit demands and purchase gas for other companies in tenders. The tasks you will accomplish for them include:

  • registration on the PRISMA European Capacity Platform;

  • subscription to AggregateEU, including the specification of the details about the companies for which the Central Buyers submits demands and buys gas;

  • submission of the aggregated demand in accordance with the needs of the companies for which the Central Buyers is buying gas;

  • negotiating contracts with potential sellers and then signing them.

If you wish to offer Central Buyer services, please check the Cooperation Framework Principles.


After you've reached an agreement with one or more companies to submit their demands and buy gas for them, you will have to set up your company as a Central Buyer on the PRISMA Platform.

To do so, do as follows:

1. Log into your account;

2. Click on "AggregateEU" on the top menu;

3. Click on "Central Buyer" on the white menu below;

4. Then, click on the "Add New List" button.

Now, you must enter the following details:

1. The name of your Central Buyer List. This list consists in a group of companies for which the Central Buyer will act when placing a demand in a tender. It is possible to create multiple lists;

2. The First Member - that is, one of the companies you represent;

3. If there is more than one, click on "Add Member" to show new fields;

4. Then, read and check the boxes to confirm those statements.

5. At last, click on "Submit."

All done!

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