How to Submit Your Demand in a Short-Term Tender?

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Collection of Demand is the first phase of the tendering process on AggregateEU. When a gas tender process is open, you, as a Buyer or a Buyer Representative, can submit your gas demand to that specific process. 

In general, this phase lasts a few days and, like the entire process, does not guarantee the acquisition of gas, which must be negotiated outside the platform.

Note that, to participate in this process, you must already have (1) a PRISMA account and (2) a Buyer Subscription to AggregateEU. You can find instructions on how to register on PRISMA and subscribe to AggregateEU in this folder: Registration and Subscription.

General Rules

The following rules apply to the Collection of Demand Phase:

1. Each Buyer can submit one demand per location and month;

2. If you are a Central Buyer or Agent-on-Behalf, you may submit one additional demand for each group you lead;

3. While this phase lasts, you may modify or withdraw your demand;

4. The earliest possible delivery is two months after you submit your demand (m+2);

5. You may submit your demand for the months until and including March 2025 (m+2 - March 2025);

6. Your demand must meet the minimum stipulated quantity for each relevant product - that is, LNG or NBP.


To submit your demand, do as follows:

1. Log into your PRISMA account;

2. Click on AggregateEU on the top blue menu;

3. Now, click on "Overview;" 

4. Then, click on "Join" in the tile of the tender process that interests you - LNG or NBP. You may participate in both;

5. Now, click on "Create New Demand;"

At this point, fill the demand form with the following details:

1. Process Type: though the process type (LNG or NBP) should be preselected, please check whether the tender in which you'd like to participate is correct;

2. Acting As: select the agents on behalf of whom you're acting - select "myself" if you are acting only on your own behalf;

3. Location: select the location where you'd like to acquire gas;

4. Gas Quantity (Month, Year): enter the gas quantity in MWh, you'd be interested in purchasing for each calendar month. Remember: the earliest possible delivery is two months after you submit your demand and you may add up to twelve consecutive months. In LNG tenders, you will also see a field in which you can enter your preferred LNG terminals.

5. Remove This Month: if you do not wish to submit a demand for a particular month, click on "Remove This Month" to grey it out.

6. Read the AggregateEU GTCs and check the box to indicate you accept them;

7. Finally, click on "Submit;"

Once you submit your demand, you will be able to view a demand overview graph:

At this point, no further action is required. 

PRISMA will report all demands in the tender process to DG ENER, while it is ongoing and upon its conclusion. Once DG ENER authorizes the publication of the official Info Sheets, PRISMA will do so and you will be notified by email.

Then, based on this Info Sheet, you may decide whether you want to participate in the matching and tendering phase.

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