Re-Opening of Submission Window

Modified on: Fri, 3 Mar, 2023 at 2:19 PM



Before the start of long-term auctions, TSOs are given the possibility to participate in the re-opening of the submission window for updating marketable capacity at their network points. The update affects bundled and unbundled auctions. Different re-openings for firm and interruptible capacity take place. 

There is a set timeframe for the re-opening which is the Thursday before the auction start from 13:00-15:00 CE(S)T. The auction calendar incl. publication and auction start dates can be found on the 'Auctions' page in the 'Transport' section. Besides scheduled events, additional re-openings at short-notice might occur in case of unforeseen reasons on PRISMA or TSO side. 

PRISMA communicates all dates as well as the included TSOs to the market via Urgent Market Messages (UMM). In the upper right corner of the UMM page, users have the possibility to subscribe to the RSS feed and will be informed directly via email about any changes to the submission window. 


Implications for Market Participants



Besides the UMM, representatives of the TUG are also informed about the re-opening of the submission window via email. As soon as TSOs notice the need to use the scheduled re-opening, the PRISMA Customer Success Team should be informed directly. The UMM will then be updated accordingly. 

Requests for re-openings of short notice should also be directed to the PRISMA Customer Success Team as soon as possible. 

In case issues or questions occur within this event, the PRISMA Customer Success Team is available to support. 

For bundled points, if one TSO updates their products but the bundling partner doesn’t intend to change anything on their side, no action must be taken by them. 



During the reopening of the submission window, the auctions will disappear from the 'Auctions' page in the 'Transport' section. Approximately 10-15 minutes after the event, they will appear again. 


Any previously placed comfort bids for the updated auctions will not be transferred. Shippers who want to use the comfort bid are requested to re-create comfort bids.
 This also affects comfort bids placed for auctions for the bundling partners.

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