How to Request Assignments to TSOs and SSOs?

Modified on: Wed, 30 Nov, 2022 at 5:37 PM



To trade on the platform, you will need active assignments with TSOs and/or SSOs. You can request them directly on the platform. Once you do so, you will receive an email redirecting you to our market participants' screen, where you can find the documents required for registration with every operator.

If you are an admin for your company on PRISMA, you can request assignments for any users of your company.

Note: As of January 2023, only the admin will be able to request and cancel assignments on behalf of company users.


To apply for new assignments, do as follows:

1. Log into your account;

2. Click on "Operators" on the top white menu;

3. Then, click on "Apply for New Assignment" in the top-right corner;

In the next page:

1. Select the person for whom you would like to request the assignment (if you're not an administrator, you can only choose yourself);

2. Select the operator, TSO or SSO, with whom you'd like to trade;

3. Read and accept their General Terms and Conditions and choose whether you'd like to inform the Market Area Coordinator;

4. Finally, click on "Submit."

All done! Now, you should receive an email with a link which will send you to the operator's details page in our market participants' section.

You will find the documents required for registration with them in their own tile:

Note: Once the documents are ready and the assignment has been requested, please forward the documents to the respective TSO and not to PRISMA.

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