General conversion formula for flow unit

For any transaction (Trade Proposal, Response, Trade) with a runtime t, identify the total of all hours within runtime t and multiply any price information by factor


  • Financial rounding should be applied
  • Up to 5 decimal places should be considered
  • Clock change days (23 / 25 hrs) will be handled as stipulated in the general conversion formula above

Affected data fields:

  • maximumBid_Price.amount (TRUM field 30)
  • minimumBid_Price.amount (TRUM field 31)
  • underlyingTso_Price.amount (TRUM field 34)
  • transfer_Price.amount (TRUM field 35)
  • bid_Price.amount (TRUM field 40)

Conversion formula for flow unit “kWh/d” within price information

Example – Conversion with consideration of clock change to DST