The documentation tool, swagger, provides an online editor, that you can use to easily generate a client in the development language of your choice.

Just navigate to which will display an online editor window that is split into two panes. The editor will show by default and example called "PetStore". The pane on the left is for an OpenAPI specification while the pane on the right will show an interactive interface using that spec. Load up the PRISMA spec by clicking on the "File" drop-down at the top and then clicking on "Import URL":

The current version of the Swagger specification for the PRISMA API is available from the URL Paste the URL into the dialogue that appears after clicking "Import URL" and the left pane will populate with the PRISMA API specification.

Click on the "Generate Client" dropdown and choose the language of your preference. (e.g. csharp)

This will download a zip file containing a generated client for the language you have chosen. In the example depicted above - this would be C#. Extract this anywhere you would like so you can work with it.