Allocation Procedure with Pre-Emption Rights and Congestion Management Mechanism (AP-PRCMM)

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The Allocation Procedure with Pre-Emption Rights and Congestion Management Mechanism (AP-PRCMM) is the procedure defined by TTPC for allocation of firm capacity on long-term basis.

In a multi-year auction there is a single bidding round in which network users can place multiple bids and select the runtime for which wants to bid .

Bid constraint

In multi-year auction shippers must specify runtime and capacity amount when placing a bid. 

By creating a bid the network user has to first define the start and the end of runtime for which he wants to create a bid.

The second information necessary to create a bid is the capacity amount. In order to insert the amount the network user has to comply to minimum volume bid which amounts to 10.000 m3/h (Contractual cubic meters per hour).


Bids Ranking

Once the submission window is closed, the various bids will be collected and evaluated according to the following criteria, where the first criteria listed prevails over the next one and so on.


Shippers with pre-existing capacity bookings at the network point may claim pre-emptive rights to capacity.

If a shipper organization has booked capacity with the end runtime of 30 September 2019, then they are entitled to claim the same amount of capacity for the runtime starting on 1 October 2019, lasting for at least one year and ending until 30 September 2025.

Shippers with pre-emptive rights will be allocated capacity  before any other bids are taken into account. 

Transportation capacity eventually available after the application of the priority criteria will be made available to the others bidding participants. The ranking criteria listed below will be applied:

Runtime Length  

Bids with longer runtime length take priority over bids with a shorter runtime lenght. Therefore the ranking will start from longer-runtime bids up to bids for shorter runtime.

Runtime Start  

Bids with earlier runtime start take priority over later runtime start Bids

Pro Rata 

In case bids with the same conditions, i.e. same contract length, Pro-rata allocation distributes capacity according to the volume bid of each shippers and the remaining available capacity. 


Important notice about registration with TTPC

The necessary documents for the registration with TTPC can be found here:

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